A lot of couples think that they have to resort to expensive fertility treatments when they want to get pregnant, but that’s not the case. One of the main reasons why people don’t conceive as quickly as they want to is because they don’t know how to track their ovulation cycle correctly. A simple ovulation calculator can help them out, though, and it’s free! Here’s everything you need to know about using ovulation calculators for getting pregnant!

What is an ovulation calculator?

An ovulation calculator is a tool that helps predict your most fertile days each month. Though it’s not 100% accurate, an ovulation calculator can help you track and time your intercourse, helping you get pregnant faster!

Getting ready to get pregnant

If you’re planning on getting pregnant, you might have your ovulation calculator and basal thermometer ready. You’ll need these tools so that you can predict when you are ovulating, which is when your body releases an egg. Your due date will be around two weeks after ovulation takes place. On average, it takes a couple of months to get pregnant, but every woman is different.

Use it during ovulation period

To get pregnant, you have to have sex during your most fertile period (ovulation). A great way of figuring out when you’re ovulating is by using an ovulation calculator.


Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Now that you know when you’re most fertile, don’t get too worked up about getting pregnant (or giving up). Take it one day at a time. See my previous post for some other tips on how to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and ensure you have a safe and easy delivery. If it turns out that getting pregnant was easier than you thought, there are lots of things parents can do to raise a smart and happy baby.

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