1) A bump will appear

When your baby starts growing and bumping into your organs, you’ll definitely feel it. Your uterus is only about an inch thick, but it’s dense—and heavy—and will start to protrude from under your rib cage as it swells with all that baby-making magic. On average, you can expect to be about three months pregnant before anyone notices anything on the outside—but not everyone follows these averages, so don’t sweat it!

2) Everyone around you will notice a change

Babies get pregnant—and everyone around you will notice a change. Here are 10 things that will happen to you when your baby gets pregnant. Many of these are listed in order of occurrence and should serve as guidelines for what to expect. The changes listed below may come as a shock, but remember, there’s nothing wrong with your new pregnancy—in fact, it means your baby is doing everything right!

3) A new life is growing inside you

Your body is working overtime, and your life will never be quite like it was before. While you’re carrying a little one in your belly, your health—and your baby’s health—will change, often drastically. Your body will change as well: all of those womanly curves you might have been worrying about during pregnancy can now become something to celebrate. Now that you’re pregnant, it is important to pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

4) Your skin and hair will look better than ever before

With a healthy dose of folic acid and vitamin B, your hair will be stronger and shinier than ever. And with more oxygen-rich blood flowing to your follicles (thanks to increased nutrients), you’ll notice increased volume in no time. It’s never too early or too late to begin taking vitamins for beautiful hair!

5) You’ll smile more often than you used to

Your family will grow, and so will your happiness. It’s hard to be sad when you’re looking forward to your little bundle of joy! Your family will grow, and so will your happiness. It’s hard to be sad when you’re looking forward to your little bundle of joy!

6) You won’t stop taking selfies

That’s right. Selfies are not just for single women, but pregnant ones too! In fact, studies show that around half of all pregnant women take self-portraits, so you can join in on that fun! Just make sure to post your baby bump selfies on social media; everyone will love them! When people ask why you’re taking so many selfies and posting them on Facebook and Instagram, tell them it is a way to celebrate being with child and share your excitement with others.

7) Things will become hilarious when they were once dull

Sure, your boss is a complete tool, but suddenly you’ll find him insanely funny when he can’t remember his own name. The same goes for everyday annoyances—the bus is late, your sister forgets to take out the trash—they won’t seem like such a big deal anymore. Enjoy these hilarious side effects; it won’t last long.

8) There will be moments of sadness too

people leaving you behind. Friends and family that don’t share your joy. People not understanding why you’re so happy when they are sad. Some people will try to ruin it for you, some people will take a step back from your life because they can’t relate and others won’t be in your life anymore because they just don’t get it.

9) Cravings are real!

If you get pregnant, chances are your cravings will drive you absolutely crazy. Studies show that 75% of women crave something at least once during their pregnancy. After nine months of pregnancy, I can attest to that being very true! During my first pregnancy, I wanted nothing more than buffalo wings for dinner one night, but had to settle for cold cereal instead—and it was truly devastating. So be prepared for those cravings and don’t deny yourself!

10) Time passes by faster than before pregnancy

In just a few short months you’ll have a newborn to take care of. While it might seem like time is going by faster as your baby grows inside you, rest assured that you still have plenty of time to prepare for your bundle of joy. Most women start feeling pregnant about two weeks after conception, and usually feel the first flutters around week 8 or 91=

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