There are many games and activities you can play with your baby that will not only help him learn to use his body, but will also help you bond with him through the activity itself. You may have heard that you should never put toys in your child’s mouth, but this is an outdated and incorrect piece of advice. Many of the best toys, such as rattles, blankets, teething rings and more, are designed to be put into the mouth, because babies enjoy it!

Build Baby’s Sensory Skills

Stimulating a child’s senses from day one will have profound effects on their ability to learn and retain information. Before you know it, they’ll be reading for pleasure! Building on their natural visual abilities, try to engage your child with bright colors in their toy box; pairing bold colors with simple shapes is a surefire way to keep them interested.

Tugging Stuffs Soothes Babies

Babies like to interact with their environment. They love staring at things, grabbing them and tugging on them. This is a good thing because it not only relaxes them but it also helps with development of their fine motor skills. But if you want to make that even more fun for them, consider buying pull toys or rattles for your baby. There are a ton of different options out there in toy stores and online shops, so you’re sure to find something that fits in budget and gets used regularly.

Singing & Talking With Your Baby

Babies, even newborns, love being talked to and sung to. Hearing new sounds will help their brains develop language skills faster and encourage them to listen when you want them to pay attention (i.e., stop pulling on things or trying to eat everything in sight). If you want your child’s first words to be mommy and daddy, then a few minutes of speech practice every day is one simple way of ensuring that will happen.

Dance with your baby!

Dancing is a great way to interact with babies, but also get them moving! There are all kinds of neat things you can do with babies while they are on their tummy. If they are too young to sit up by themselves, dance next to them and show them how it’s done. You could even get creative and dance with a colorful blanket as if it were a cape or magic carpet for your little one!

Invest in an iPad

Tablet computers are great for keeping kids entertained, and they’re convenient since you can easily move them from room to room. Just load them up with some fun apps, and let little ones go crazy! Ipad is one of my favorite to use when it comes to games and activities for babies.

Play with dogs & cats (Babies learn best from animals they interact with regularly)

Babies are learning machines, and there’s nothing like a cute animal to capture their attention. So go ahead and let them play with your pets! Not only will they learn to be gentle with animals by interacting directly, but they will also get a chance to socialize in what may otherwise be a scary environment. As an added bonus, some research shows that babies who regularly interact with dogs or cats are less likely to develop allergies later in life.

Read With Babies – Encourage Their Reading Skills Early On!

Reading to children is a great way to bond with them and help them learn how to read. But even if they don’t understand what you’re saying, they can still enjoy listening to you read aloud—and picking up on new words and sounds along the way. A great time for parents (or babysitters) to start reading is when babies are three months old: At that age, babies can distinguish familiar voices from unfamiliar ones.

Interactive Toys Will Keep Them Busy For Hours

Babies need stimulation. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep them busy with interesting toys and activities for babies. Interactive toys, for example, keep babies active. These days, you can find interactive toys that teach infants letters, numbers and shapes. Babies will enjoy these games—and they’ll learn from them too!

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