How many of you have ever wanted to be a Jedi Knight? Of course you have! And what better way to train to be a Jedi Knight than with the help of the man himself… Yoda! But if you can’t find an actual Jedi Master, check out this adorable baby Yoda costume on Amazon!

Baby Yoda First Birthday Party

When your baby has just turned one, you have to celebrate. And when you’re going to have a Baby Yoda birthday party, you do it right. Mom Alyssa is pretty darn good at throwing parties – she also did a Star Wars/Harry Potter combo party for her daughter Annabelle when she turned 4. So we had big expectations for Annabelle’s first birthday, and there was no question who our inspiration would be: Baby Yoda from Empire Strikes Back!

Cuteness Overload

We are often misled by cuteness, and in a scientific study published in 2009 by Priscilla Bremser and her colleagues, babies were shown to stare longer at pictures of baby animals than at photos of adult animals. So if your baby is having trouble sleeping, show them cute pictures of baby pandas to put them right out.

The First Two Months

Your baby’s first two months are crucial to her development. During these first few weeks, you should have no problem putting baby to sleep through a combination of naps and nightly feedings.

Baby Yoda Has Arrived

Fans of Star Wars rejoiced in 2011 when Hasbro released a 3-3/4-inch toy version of Jedi Master Yoda. At about six inches tall, it’s a great take on one of cinema’s most memorable characters. What makes it even more fun is that there are several different variations of him that you can buy, each with its own features and accessories. If you want to know what all his accessories are, check out our guide below!

Baby’s First Word

An imaginary study shows that babies who are exposed to Star Wars at a young age can begin speaking basic Wookie and Ewok by 9 months of age. If you don’t want your baby to be behind, make sure you start them off on their first Wookiee word search at birth!

Celebrating Baby’s First Christmas

It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate your new bundle of joy. Baby can celebrate in style with our wide selection of baby clothing and gifts featuring holiday-themed characters and expressions. By preparing early, parents can avoid last-minute shopping stress and stay on budget! Here are some fun gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas!

New Year, New Family Member

2017 is here, and that means you may want to spend some time thinking about what’s in store for your family. If you’re thinking of starting a family soon, there are plenty of things to consider before committing to a new addition. A baby yoda would be beneficial because…

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